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Why Tulegoose?

We use 100% waterfowl down and feathers, which make softer, fluffier pillows and comforters.

Compare Tulegoose Natural Down with Synthetic Competitors

Tulegoose Silver Dollar Sized Wild Plumules
Tulegoose mules
Dime Sized Commercially Harvested Down Plumules
Tulegoose Pillows
Why should you purchase from Tule Goose?


The old world peasant custom of gathering down for egg money is becoming a dying industry with fewer textile manufacturers to produce the tightly woven fabric needed to contain down. You can expect the highest quality with 100% waterfowl product compared to a product that uses synthetic fiber  or commercially harvested fill. Compare the size of Tulelake Pillow Company’s down with commercially harvested down and see for yourself.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Just wanted to let you know how much I like sleeping on your down pillow.  It is the first time where a pillow actually supported my head, neck and shoulder.  My chin is not in my neck.  You were right, I’ve had no problems with my allergies or asthma and I’m glad that I went with the 100% down.

-Chris B. 
Tule Goose Staring
We collect the down and feathers for all of our fine products from wild waterfowl.

Feathers and down harvested from hunters in Tulelake and other California hunting clubs are cleaned and prepared for your pillows and comforters.

A 10 pound Canadian Goose has about six ounces of feathers, 20% of which is down. It takes 40-54 geese to provide enough down for one king-size comforter.

A black and grey goose
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