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100% Waterfowl Down Pillows

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High Quality, Extra Snuggly PILLOWS

Tulegoose Pillow Company uses only 100% Waterfowl Down with a fill capacity that exceeds normal standards.

American Homeowner Magazine rated our Goosedown Pillow as the best all-down pillow in the nation!
Two tule goose waterfowl pillows

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Compress a pillow with your fist for five seconds. Since down won’t stay compressed, the pillow should return to its original shape in 20 seconds. The Tulelake Pillow Company uses only 100% waterfowl down and feathers. Our products contain one and half to three pounds of down.

Our Amazing Products

White tule goose pillow
Tulegoose high quality waterfowl pillow

Our ultra smooth 100% cotton covers wrap around fluffy waterfowl down and feather pillows. Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes.

Personalised tule goose pillow
Goose head
two geese pretty water
Product Specifications

All pillows available in White, Pink, Gold or Aqua

All materials 100% Waterfowl Down or Feather, 100% Cotton

Pillow Sizes

King W 20" / D 9" / L 36" / 2.50 lb.

Queen W 20" / D 7" / L 30" / 2.00 lb.

Standard: W 20" / D 7" / L 26" / 1.50 lb.

Product Description

Ultrasmooth 230-400 thread count cotton fabric.

Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes.

Organic and natural. Made in the USA.

Special Care Instructions: To re-fluff, put in the dryer for 5 minutes.

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Care & Cleaning Instructions

Down Pillow Care and


Cleaning Instructions 

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