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Tulegoose Pillow Company uses only 100% Waterfowl Down with a fill capacity that exceeds normal standards.

American Homeowner Magazine rated our Goosedown Pillow as the best all-down pillow in the nation! 


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Compress a pillow with your fist for five seconds. Since down won’t stay compressed, the pillow should return to its original shape in 20 seconds. The Tulelake Pillow Company uses only 100% waterfowl down and feathers. Our products contain one and half to three pounds of down.

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Luxurious Pillows

Our ultra smooth 100% cotton covers wrap around fluffy waterfowl down and feather pillows. Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes.

Product Specifications

  • All pillows available in White, Pink, Gold or Aqua
  • All materials 100% Waterfowl Down or Feather, 100% Cotton

Product Description

  • Ultrasmooth 230-400 thread count cotton fabric.
  • Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes.
  • Organic and natural. Made in the USA.
  • Special Care Instructions: To re-fluff, put in the dryer for 5 minutes.


  • King W 20" / D 9" / L 36" / 2.50 lb.
  • Queen W 20" / D 7" / L 30" / 2.00 lb.
  • Standard: W 20" / D 7" / L 26" / 1.50 lb.

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Care & Cleaning Instructions

Down Pillow Care and Cleaning Instructions